CompassCare helps you or your loved one by serving as your personal healthcare navigator. Our mission is to take on the burden and stress of the medical system so you can focus on what is important...Healing.

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by the medical system?

Are you concerned about an aging parent who lives far from you?

Are you or a loved one facing a newly diagnosed illness or burdened by a debilitating chronic condition and don't know what to do next?

Do you need help finding the appropriate healthcare resources in the Florida community?

Are you at a loss as to what to do next, or where to go for help?

CompassCare improves your healthcare experience by:

  • Locating expert physicians
  • Researching the best treatment options
  • Accompanying you or your loved ones to appointments
  • Coordinating care between multiple physicians and facilities
  • Helping you and your loved ones understand the diagnosis
  • Clearly explaining your insurance coverage, what is covered, and what isn't
  • Ensure your advanced care plans are communicated to healthcare professionals

CompassCare is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and was founded by Erin Carr. A percentage of CompassCare profits are donated to Alzheimer's Association.